As the world around us evolves and changes, so too do the structures that we inhabit. Old buildings, no matter how cherished or nostalgic they may be, eventually give way to new and modern designs that better suit our needs and desires. And nowhere is this more evident than in Toronto, Canada, where the demolition […]

What Value Does Underpinning Add to Your Home? 

Underpinning is a method of construction that sees the depth of the foundations of a building increased. The soil beneath the existing foundation is excavated and replaced with foundation material, normally concrete, in phases. Underpinning requires close attention to design, building codes, engineering, methodology, and safety procedures.  Homeowners elect to underpin their home for two primary […]

Some Walls are Harder to Demo Than Others

Renovating a house can be a daunting task, but it can also be an opportunity to create new memories while preserving the old ones. Memories are often attached to a place, and when that place is being renovated, it can bring up a lot of emotions and nostalgia for the whole family, in particular, children. […]