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General contractors and master builders know how important it is to have a reliable and experienced team on your side for any construction project. Underpinning is no exception. It requires precise planning, attention to detail, and experience and expertise to navigate any challenges that may arise.

That’s where Demo For Your Reno comes in. Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of delivering top-quality underpinning projects for sought-after general contractors and master builders who work with prominent Toronto homeowners. 


Here are just a few reasons why Demo For Your Reno could be the right fit for your next underpinning project:

  • Knowing that, for reputable general contractors, value for money is a greater driver than cost alone, we offer competitive pricing for our underpinning services and work with you to develop a budget that meets your needs.
  • With years of experience in the GTA, our team has worked on countless underpinning projects, so we know exactly what it takes to get the job done in line with engineered requirements.
  • Verifying the site conditions against the stamped drawings
  • Monitoring site conditions for changes as we move through the project – for example, changing water levels or soil types.
  • Only the best materials and techniques are used. We understand that the foundation of any construction project is critical, which is why we use only the highest quality materials and follow the best practices for underpinning.

Since construction sites can be dangerous places, we take safety very seriously, and safety is an even greater concern when working on the foundation of the building. The DFYR team is trained in all the latest safety protocols, and we always prioritize safety on the job site.

With the high cost of relocating to a new house, underpinning is a viable solution to expand your living space. When you need an experienced and reliable team for your next underpinning project, we would love to support you in making your client’s dreams a reality.   

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with true underpinning experts in Toronto. Not only will you enjoy quality workmanship and timely delivery, but you’ll also experience top customer service from a friendly and professional team at all times! 


While we are well-known in the Greater Toronto Area for our underpinning, our team also offers a comprehensive range of related services. Demo For Your Reno specializes in:

  • Underpinning
  • Benching
  • Slab Lowering
  • Combination: Underpinning, Benching, and Slab Lowering
  • Crawl Space Reclamation/Reconditioning

By offering this full range of services, our clients are able to get everything they need from one trusted source. There is no need to deal with multiple teams or contractors. Simply allow Demo for Your Reno to handle the entire process for you! 


Technical expertise and Canadian construction experience are essential in selecting a qualified company to do the job right. If a company lacks the expertise to underpin a house properly, it can result in major structural problems down the road. The ability to interpret engineer drawings and liaise with the engineer and City Inspector is paramount. In addition, we believe in a strong working relationship with our clients – we will communicate and work together to resolve ‘unforeseen’ circumstances should they arise. In short, we believe in adding value to your project through our 30 years of Canadian construction experience.

DFYR will only work with engineered-stamped drawings and City Permitted projects. Trying to cut costs by not engaging the Engineer can often lead to additional costly repairs.

Lastly, most insurance companies will refuse to cover any damages that result from foundation failure. Therefore, it is vital that you hire an experienced team to carry out your underpinning project. 


Hiring the wrong Toronto underpinning company can lead to a range of costly and potentially dangerous consequences. Consider this example scenario:

John and Sarah, homeowners in Toronto, decided to expand their living space by underpinning their basement. Eager to save money, they opted for a company that offered significantly lower quotes than their competitors. The company, however, lacked the necessary expertise and experience in underpinning projects.

1. Poor Workmanship

The inexperienced underpinning company began the project without conducting a thorough site analysis or soil assessment. They didn’t adequately plan for the project’s structural requirements, leading to shoddy workmanship.

2. Structural Compromises 

During the underpinning process, the company failed to properly reinforce the foundation. As a result, the house’s structural integrity was compromised, and cracks began to appear in the walls and floors.

3. Violation of Building Codes

The underpinning work was not done to code, as the company was unfamiliar with the specific regulations and requirements for Toronto. This oversight meant that John and Sarah’s house was not compliant with local building standards.

4. Cost Overruns

As the project progressed, unforeseen complications arose due to the subpar workmanship. This led to additional costs for repairs, inspections, and adjustments, far exceeding the initial budget.

5. Delays and Frustration

The project timeline stretched far beyond the initially agreed-upon schedule. John and Sarah were left frustrated and inconvenienced by the prolonged disruption to their daily lives.

6. Lack of Warranty or Guarantee

The inexperienced company provided no warranty or guarantee for their work. When issues inevitably arose, John and Sarah were left to shoulder the financial burden of fixing the problems.

7. Safety Concerns

Due to the substandard work, there were concerns about the safety of the living space. John and Sarah were left worrying about the long-term stability of their home.

8. Reputational Damage

The poor quality of the underpinning work reflected negatively on the overall perception of John and Sarah’s property. This could potentially impact its resale value in the future.

In this example, hiring the wrong underpinning company resulted in a litany of problems, from structural compromises to cost overruns and safety concerns. This cautionary tale highlights the importance of thoroughly researching and selecting a reputable, experienced underpinning contractor. 

While it may seem tempting to choose a cheaper option, the long-term consequences of poor workmanship can far outweigh any initial cost savings. 

Investing in Demo For Your Reno Inc, a qualified underpinning company in Toronto, ensures that the project is completed professionally and to the highest standards, providing peace of mind for homeowners. 


Throughout our years of providing underpinning services to homeowners in Toronto, we have found that most of our clients don’t fully comprehend the benefits involved with underpinning and the value that it can truly add to your property when done properly and executed by professionals.

We have provided an overview of a couple of the many benefits of underpinning your home in Toronto below. By underpinning your house, you will improve: 

  • The amount of living space available.
  • The structural integrity of your home by addressing any weaknesses discovered in the foundation walls.
  • Damp-proofing, and, as a result, will also provide you with space that is mildew-free and can be used for either storage or as a potential source of income by installing interior waterproofing.

This extra living space could also be converted to an in-law suite, a gym, a home office, a play space for young children, or an oasis for teenagers with a computer gaming system! The options are truly endless, especially when you consider that this extra living space may be converted as your family’s needs and preferences change over the years.


Demo For Your Reno would love the opportunity to be part of your upcoming underpinning project in Toronto and show you what it is like to work alongside experts in the industry. We’ve handled hundreds of projects over the years, and by now we truly know what works and what doesn’t. 

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your project needs further!


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