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The Major Dangers Associated with Demolition and How to Avoid Them

While demolition may be simpler than construction in that it is easier to tear a structure down than to build something from scratch, safe and effective demolition is a lot more complicated to achieve than it may appear.

As experts in house demolition in Toronto, we list some of the main dangers and risks associated with demolition and how they can be avoided. 


The noise that comes with a house demolition project can be significant! Exposure to extremely loud noises, even just once, can actually cause irreversible damage to your hearing. It is essential that all crew members wear proper hearing protection. 

Neighbours should be notified of the date/dates of demolition well in advance so that they can make their own preparations, keep pets inside, etc.

Machinery Failure

Even if you are using well-maintained, modern machinery, there is always the chance that you could experience some sort of equipment failure, which could in turn lead to injury, or damage. 

This is why all machinery should be double and even triple-checked before use, and only those with the right experience and skills should be operating machinery.

Collapsing Structures

When structures collapse unexpectedly during a demolition project, this could also lead to injury. 

This is why it is so important to plan demolitions properly so that you can properly estimate the angle at which structures will collapse and pinpoint any potential weak points.

What is the Solution?

The best thing that you can do if you have an upcoming demolition project is to ensure that you work with an experienced demolition company. Do not try to attempt any form of demolition if you do not have the right skills, experience, or machinery. It is also important not to rush demolition projects or perform demolition tasks in adverse weather conditions.

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