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What is Selective Demolition and When is it Used?

Most people are familiar with the term demolition, but how much do you know about selective demolition? This form of demolition is used throughout industrial and commercial construction as it provides the opportunity to reshape structures without demolishing them completely.

In this article, we share with you a little about selective demolition, including when it is applicable, and the risks involved with the process.

What is Selective Demolition?

Also referred to as precision demolition, selective demolition is the process of demolishing specific areas/zones. It is not always suitable to tear down entire structures, especially when certain parts are still in great condition or there are budget constraints.

There are many steps involved in the process, including planning, surveying, capping utilities, getting licenses, and safety checks.

When is Selective Demolition Used?

There are dozens of instances in which selective demolition is used. However, house and or condo renovations such as bathrooms, kitchens, extensions, and flooring are most common.

What are the Risks Involved With Selective Demolition?

Like with any type of demolition, there are always risks involved. There is a risk of personal injury if anyone gets too close to the demolition site. There is also the risk of demolishing more of the building than you originally intended if standard practices are not carried out properly.

How to Minimize the Risks

The most effective way to minimize the risks involved with selective demolition is to choose a well-respected professional demolition company in the industry. Take your time to do your research and read online reviews to make sure you choose contractors that you can trust to get the job done.

It is also very important to listen to the demolition experts and ensure you stay far away from the property when the demolition is being carried out.

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